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UltraTouch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

UltraTouch Insulation LEED
"Superior and Safe Insulation for you and your walls"

Is UltraTouch considered a "Green Building" material?

Yes, UltraTouch is considered a Green Building material. UltraTouch utilizes natural fibers, contains no formaldehyde or harmful irritants, and is safe for you and the environment.

Is UltraTouch made from recycled blue jeans?

UltraTouch is manufactured using post-industrial denim and cotton fibers that we source from denim manufacturing facilities. UltraTouch contains over 85% recycled denim and cotton fibers.

Do I need protective clothing to install UltraTouch?

Absolutely not! UltraTouch does not itch, is easy to handle and requires no protective clothing to install.

Is UltraTouch Fire Retardant?

Yes, each natural fiber of UltraTouch is saturated with a natural fire retardant (borates) giving UltraTouch insulation a Class-A fire rating.

Can UltraTouch be installed in contact with recessed lighting?

Yes, UltraTouch can be installed in contact with recessed lighting but the lighting MUST be IC Rated. An air gap of six inches would need to be left for non-insulated cans.

What happens when UltraTouch gets wet?

UltraTouch is manufactured to breathe or accept and release the moisture it receives in a timely manner. UltraTouch also acts as an excellent pest, mold, and mildew inhibitor.

Does UltraTouch contain formaldehyde?

No, UltraTouch is manufactured in batt form and is unfaced. If your local building code requires the use of a vapor barrier, we recommend a poly sheeting to be applied across the insulated surface.

What is the best way to cut UltraTouch?

We have found the simplest way to cut UltraTouch is to score it with a utility knife against a straight edge or use a beveled (toothless) saw blade in a small utility saw.