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Sound Isolation Clips offer a highly effective method to significantly reduce structure borne sound at an affordable price. Typically installed in a grid at a spacing not to exceed 24" along the length of the stud or joist and no more than 48" perpendicular to the stud or joist.

  • Higher Sound Transmission Class, STC
  • Enhanced low frequency attenuation
  • Easy to install
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Soundproofing Isolation Clips

Sound isolation clips are designed to allow a decoupling separation between the walls and ceiling from the underlying framing studs and joists. When utilizing sound isolation clips for drywall installation, the drywall furring channels (AKA “hat” channels) are attached to the clips and the clips are then fastened to the studs or joists, following the supplied instructions. Once installed, the drywall (or other wall material) is isolated from the framing. This significantly lowers the ability for sound, especially low frequency sound, from transmitting into the room where they're installed.

Sound dampening clips are available in a variety of configurations, each able to support a specific weight load, such as 36-pounds, 72-pounds, 144-pounds and as much as 288-pounds. Soundproofing clips are available individually or in case quantities at a nice discount. Furring “hat” channels are also available in cases of 20 pieces.

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