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Industrial Noise Reduction Solutions

Industrial sound dampening is important not only for comfort reasons but also for safety. You will have a more productive and safe working environment by taking the necessary steps to reduce occupational exposure to high sound levels and keep your facility up to par when it comes to acoustics.

Sound control blankets are the most common products for soundproofing industrial machines. They’re a simple solution to many of the noise issues that are so common in industrial spaces and are ideal for their flexibility, ease of install and, most importantly, their effectiveness. Sound control blankets are created to withstand tough conditions and high temperatures in both indoor and outdoor spaces while blocking and absorbing sound. These blankets work through a combination of sound absorption and MLV (mass loaded vinyl) sound barrier and can be used in a variety of ways, such as building a room within a room to host the noisiest of jobs, hanging them from the ceiling (vertically and horizontally) to avoid echo and noise traveling between floors, building temporary walls using either wood or metal framing or simply attaching them to an existing wall. Request a quote.

With so many industrial noise control strategies available, the solution can vary greatly depending on the type of facility you have and the decibel level of the typical noise within the space. First and foremost, always consider OSHA requirements in your area to ensure that these are met, and take the time to consider the comfort of your employees. Shop our selection of industrial acoustic solutions, and reach out with any questions.

We always recommend consulting an expert before getting started on your soundproofing project. Call our toll-free number: 866-768-6381. We'll customize a solution to significantly reduce the noise.