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Neoprene Soundproofing Tape

Reduce sound reverberations with isolation gaskets made from neoprene. These neoprene soundproofing tapes can be installed between windows and frames, doors and door jambs, and even in the subflooring. They work to reduce vibration and sound transfer across hard surfaces such as wall studs, sheetrock, and paneling. Once correctly applied, the soundproof tape forms a flexible barrier that prevents loud noises from slamming doors, windows, or any two surfaces. It also acts as an acoustic tape, helping to dampen airborne sounds that might pass between gaps in the door or window frame.

A quality isolation gasket is essential for effective noise reduction, and our neoprene foam tape is perfect for all of your soundproofing needs. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber known for its stability, flexibility, and resistance to both high and low temperatures. This durable closed-cell foam tape has an adhesive strip that attaches to virtually any surface and is easy to install. Our neoprene gasket tape can be cut to any length you need for sealing both large and small areas. It is durable, effective, and affordable for any budget. Order now to enjoy our competitive prices and fast shipping on all orders, or give us a call and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.