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Soundproof Pipe Wrap Insulation

If noisy pipes are ruining your peace and quiet every time the water is running or someone flushes a toilet, then it might be time to consider getting some additional acoustic pipe insulation. Our pipe insulation rolls are designed to provide noise reduction for pipes of every kind. Whether you have copper, PVC, plastic, or metal piping, our decoupler and duct wraps can provide up to 20 dB noise reduction and it is safe for all homes and offices.

Designed to block noise transmitted through walls, our pipe and duct wrap is affordable and easy to install. Simply wrap the pipe in the mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, and tape any gaps or edges with scrim tape. When done properly, the pipe will be surrounded by a sound-absorbing barrier, reducing unwanted sound. Our pipe and duct wraps provide an efficient DIY solution to noise pollution without having to remodel your space or replace your current plumbing.

We have everything you need for installation, including decouplers and duct lags, Mylar scrim tape, duct wrap, and more. Our mass-loaded vinyl pipe insulation has an insulated liner for the best possible noise reduction and boasts a Class A fire rating. Our products also remain free from all toxins and harmful chemicals and are safe to install in public spaces or even your own home. Order now to enjoy our affordable prices and fast shipping on all orders.