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SONEX Rondo Acoustic Baffles

SONEX acoustic baffles are designed to be visually stunning without compromising acoustic performance. With industry-leading sound absorption capabilities, these SONEX sound absorbing baffles can significantly improve the sound quality of any large room by preventing the noise build-up that can easily mess with speech and sound intelligibility.

SONEX Rondo baffles are sure to make a lasting impression and offer the utmost design versatility with lengths up to 24”, with 6” or custom diameters, and a wide selection of vivid colors to choose from. Install the baffles either vertically or horizontally using wall-to-wall or ceiling mounting options or the 32 Corkscrew hangers included in each box.

These acoustical baffles are made of premium Willtec foam, which features a low-density and flexible structure and complies with stringent fire resistance and heat shielding standards. Effective and safe, they are class-1 fire-rated - according to ASTM E84 - for flame spread and smoke density. Ideal for a variety of interior spaces spanning from retail to industrial facilities, these SONEX Rondo baffles will ensure the highest quality sound wherever they are used.

HPC Color Options

Standard HPC

Premium HPC

Visually striking. Acoustically exceptional. SONEX Rondo Baffles lower reverberation resulting in a quieter environment.

Baffle Corkscrew Hangers included.

  • Retail Stores
  • Reception Areas
  • Multipurpose rooms
  • Aquatic Centers
  • Music and Classrooms
  • Stadiums
  • Offices with open floor plans
  • Indoor swimming pools

  • Performance