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Acoustical Door Seals

We carry a wide selection of acoustical door seals for studios, conference rooms, home offices, and any room in need of sound isolation. We also carry airtight door gasketing frames that cover both side jambs, head jambs, and door sills. This creates a soundproof barrier that will help prevent sound transmissions inside and outside of your room. The door seal kits are made from a durable aluminum frame that’s both lightweight and effective at blocking sound. The kits and bottom door seals are perfect for wood and metal doors and come with everything you need for installation. From single doors to wide double-door frames, our kits deliver professional-grade sound isolation.

There's an easy trick to see how much of a gap is between the edges of your doors that allows sound to pass through. Just turn on the light inside the room and close the door. Turn off the light in the room you are in, and any light shining around the edges of the door means there is a gap that sound can travel through. Install soundproofing door seals to easily block these gaps and prevent unwanted outside noise. Our door liners and door strips make for an excellent choice when setting up an at-home office or workspace.

We also carry a selection of versatile studio door seals that are easy to install, fully adjustable, and built to last. Specify the width of your door, and we’ll trim these acoustic door strips to match. Shop around to find the best door seals for your home or office, or contact us for expert help finding exactly what you need before you buy.

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