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SONEX Valueline Acoustical Foam Panels

Are you looking for top-of-the-line acoustic panels at a reasonable price? If so, then SONEX Valueline acoustical foam panels are perfect for you! Made from industry-trusted Willtec foam that is fire-retardant and mold-resistant, SONEX Valueline foam efficiently reduces echo and sound reverberation that obstructs speech intelligibility and clarity. These panels offer excellent acoustical control with Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRCs) spanning as high as 1.05! These SONEX Valueline acoustic panels are especially effective at absorbing excessive sound at middle frequencies (500 and 1,000 Hz) where unwanted noise readily interferes with clear communication.

Having achieved the highest safety standard, these panels are safe for any public facility including schools, offices, gymnasiums and industrial plants. Available in a selection of colors including natural grey, natural white, charcoal Colortec and various HPC coatings, the SONEX Valueline panels give you an array of design options that you can tailor to your specific needs and style choices. Browse our inventory today and be on your way to creating the expertly soundproofed room you need!

HPC Color Options

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