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The Top Soundproofing Materials for Your Walls

Unwanted noise can disrupt the tranquility of any living space for both residential and commercial locations. Whether it's traffic sounds, noisy neighbors or patrons, or echoes within your own home, soundproofing your walls is a practical solution to create a comfortable and quiet environment. In this blog, we will explore the top soundproofing materials available from SoundAway that can help you transform your space into a sanctuary of peace and quiet. Request a quick quote today!

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

Mass loaded vinyl, commonly known as MLV, is a versatile and effective soundproofing material for walls, floor or ceiling. It is a dense, flexible, and heavy vinyl sheet that can be easily installed on existing walls. MLV works by blocking airborne sound waves, preventing them from passing through walls and into your space. It is commonly used in home theaters, bedrooms, or any space where privacy and quiet are desired. MLV can be installed behind drywall or on existing walls, providing outstanding noise reduction. SoundAway offers mass loaded vinyl to meet your unique needs. Learn more about this amazing soundproofing product today.

Acoustic and Sound Barrier Panels

Acoustic panels are another popular choice for soundproofing walls. These panels are made from sound-absorbing materials such as foam, recycled polyester, or fiberglass core, wrapped in acoustic fabric, and embedded with a sound barrier designed to improve sound quality and reduce sound from passing through. Acoustic panels effectively absorb sound vibrations, preventing reflections that can increase noise levels. They not only reduce noise transmission but also enhance the aesthetics of your space. Available in various colors, shapes, and patterns, acoustic panels can be customized to blend seamlessly with any interior design. You'll find a wide variety of these sound-absorbing panels at our soundproofing company. See our selection, and begin to hear better today.

Acoustic Insulation

Insulating your walls with acoustic insulation is essential in any soundproofing solution to minimize noise transmission. This approach involves installing special types of insulation that are specifically designed to absorb sound. Soundproof insulation is typically denser and heavier than traditional insulation materials, providing enhanced sound absorption capabilities. It can be installed within the wall cavity during construction or added when walls are open during a remodeling project. UltraTouch Denim insulation is particularly effective in reducing airborne noise like voices or music. Here at SoundAway, we offer the best soundproofing materials for walls. Learn more about this top-rated material today.

Green Glue

Green Glue is an innovative soundproofing compound applied between layers of drywall to lower the resonance of the wall or ceiling. It comes in the form of a viscous liquid that is applied between two layers of drywall, plywood, or other rigid building materials. When the two surfaces are pressed together, the Green Glue converts sound energy into heat, effectively reducing noise transmission through walls. Green Glue is easy to use, cost-effective, and only requires an applicator gun. Discover the amazing benefits of this soundproofing material, and shop our Green Glue Tubes, Cases, or Gallons today.

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic fabric is a versatile and decorative material that can be used in various applications, including as. It is made from materials that work with acoustic sound-absorbing panels to help reduce noise levels and minimize echo within a room. Acoustic fabric is typically used to cover acoustic wall panels. SoundAway has a large selection of acoustic fabrics for your needs. See our selection today.

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Soundproofing your walls is a worthwhile investment that can significantly improve the comfort and serenity of your residential living space or commercial common areas. Whether you choose to install mass loaded vinyl, acoustic panels, soundproof insulation, green glue, or sound isolation products, SoundAway offers a wide range of high-quality soundproofing materials to meet your specific needs. By addressing noise issues at their source, you can create a peaceful and quiet environment where you can relax, focus, and enjoy uninterrupted moments.

Take advantage of SoundAway's free consultations and quotes. Our team can help evaluate your needs and then make a recommendation for the perfect soundproofing materials for your walls. Take the step towards a more serene home or office space by exploring SoundAway's top soundproofing materials and transforming your walls into a barrier against unwanted noise. Request a quick quote today