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Soundproofing Your Studio Doors & Windows

Whether it’s a recording studio that needs complete soundproofing or a home theater or study where ideal acoustics are preferred, controlling the noise coming into a room is as important as controlling the noise you produce. Plenty of attention is given to a studio’s walls, but it’s also important to pay attention to windows and doors. Why place so much emphasis on a studio’s doors and windows?

image of a door It’s a common misconception that air and sound travel the same way. While a small gap or crack around a window might leak out just a small amount of air, the amount of sound emitted is exponentially higher. In fact, a small gap in your door or window can reduce your soundproofing effectiveness by upwards of 50 percent! There are plenty of DIY remedies to consider, but installing professionally engineered doors and windows goes a long way to reaching your soundproofing needs

QuietSpec studio doors are an ideal single-leaf option for STC- and OTIC-rated acoustic doors. They’re engineered with a customized, high-mass, viscoelastic damping core and finished off in a clean birch that can be stained or painted as desired. Different heights and widths are available, as are core thicknesses depending on your needs. Acoustic-rated thresholds are included as well, giving you complete soundproofing from top to bottom. We ship these state-of-the-art soundproof doors in just four weeks after receipt of order, which is an average of three times faster than our competitors!

What about windows picking up ambient noise from the outdoors or other areas of a building? Quiescent soundproof windows are an STC-rated custom solution designed to fit and function with any wall thickness. Made with an anodized aluminum frame, these acoustical windows are suitable for interior or exterior use with angled or vertical options and laminated panes for 45 - 56 STC configurations. While every soundproofing space is unique, our team of experts can customize and ship these soundproof studio windows in as little as 5-6 weeks after receipt of order!

When it comes to soundproofing a studio, home theater or quiet space, just as much attention should be given to doors and windows as is given to walls, floors and ceilings. With proper consideration and customization, you can make sure your doors and windows are keeping sound from penetrating or escaping and working properly for your space. If you have any questions or concerns about which door and window soundproofing options are best for your space, contact us at 866-768-6381 to speak with our soundproofing professionals. You can also leave us comments on this post and we’ll be happy to assist!