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Noise Control & Echo-Reduction Soundproofing & Privacy

Office Space Acoustic & Soundproofing Solutions

Reports suggest that background noise can distract approximately 72% of employees, and when sound waves reverberate, the background noise can disrupt corporate meetings, affect managers and distract customer service representatives. If an employee is speaking to a customer, the background noise may also disrupt the customer, affect the client experience and reduce customer satisfaction.

How Can a Business Reduce Noise in an Office?

When your space has high ceilings, consider adding ceiling-hung panels or baffles to reduce echo and reverberation, which in turn improves the overall sound of your office space. Incorporate wall panels and between-room soundproofing MLV where needed, especially in areas that tend to emit more noise, such as kitchens, gyms and bathrooms, and you will have an office environment that ensures ease of communication, both between your associates and with your customers.

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The Whisperwave line of baffles and panels is an ideal choice for reducing reverberations, whether ceiling hung or wall hung. Offering eye-catching designs and a variety of colors to choose from, Sonex baffles are another great option for ceiling-hung reverb reduction.

When a company implements office noise reduction solutions, it can significantly improve communication, enhance efficiency, reduce office noise pollution and optimize the cohesiveness of a team. Get in touch with any questions you may have – we are happy to help!

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