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QuietSpec Acoustic Doors

QuietSpec studio doors are designed to provide exceptional noise reduction for homes and offices while looking great. QuietSpec soundproof doors offer sound isolation and are fully tested to achieve an STC and OITC rating between 43 and 46 for most applications. The Sound Transmission Class rating is a score given to building surfaces based on how well they can reduce sound passing through them. At a score of 40 or higher, even loud speech can not be understood from the other side of these acoustical doors, allowing for privacy and peace of mind.

Our STC-rated doors are crafted using the highest-quality materials, come in a range of custom sizes and styles, and mount into your door frames in minutes. Acoustic doors are perfect for recording studios, home theaters, and offices in need of privacy. An excellent choice for both commercial and at-home offices, these soundproof doors provide a quiet environment to think, hold meetings, and answer calls without distracting background noise. They can also be used to seal in sound, preventing noise from loud parties or movies from disrupting the other spaces around them.

QuietSpec studio doors are durable, stronger, and better than the competition. Our technicians have the expert knowledge to help determine the exact soundproof doors you need for your home or office before you buy to save you time and money. Order now to take advantage of our affordable prices and fast shipping on all orders, or contact us for more information.

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