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Soundproofing Putty Pads

For effective noise reduction and fire prevention use FireStop putty pads. These pads are designed for use with electrical boxes, control panels, and other electrical systems. While they offer excellent noise control, their primary purpose is to prevent fire hazards.

These soundproofing putty pads are designed to be applied to external surfaces, such as the sides of a metallic electrical box, away from the studs. This helps to prevent electrical fires that can be caused by sparks and flames from poorly insulated wires that can cause damage to electrical boxes and wiring. When exposed to excessive heat, the putty will expand, creating an airtight seal that smothers the fire before it can spread. This simple precautionary step is an affordable option on any budget and provides the peace of mind you need to know your equipment is protected.

Just as any commercial or residential building has certain fire safety codes that it must meet, there are also sound attenuation requirements that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. While the exact rules might be different in each area, the principle is the same, no one likes a noisy neighbor. So be a good neighbor and stay in compliance with soundproofing wall pads designed to provide the most effective noise reduction.

Our firestop soundproof wall pads are durable, reliable, and built to withstand extreme heat. Buy our FireStop putty pad 4-pack or enjoy our box of 20 putty pads for your entire home or office. Order now or contact us for help from our experts to help you find exactly what you need.