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Acoustic Panels for Noise Control

Find acoustic panels in a variety of sizes, colors and materials at SoundAway. With these noise-reducing panels, you can control the sound quality in any type of indoor (and indoor-outdoor) environment. From recording studios and broadcast rooms to churches and auditoriums, acoustical panels effectively reduce lingering echoes and reverberations. Place acoustic wall panels or ceiling-mounted baffles in key areas, and experience a clear and controlled sound necessary for activities like recording audio, presenting in a meeting or holding a musical performance. We carry top brands like SONEX and Whisperwave as well as multiple types of sound absorbing wall panels like foam, cotton, fiberglass and recycled polyester. Acoustical foam panels are lightweight and versatile for any type of application; cotton panels are high-performance options; fiberglass is an economical choice for DIY projects; and recycled polyester is an ideal environmentally friendly solution. Shop at SoundAway and find budget-friendly acoustic wall tiles for your next big project!