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Noise Control & Echo-Reduction Privacy & Soundproofing

Conference Room Acoustic & Soundproofing Solutions

During corporate meetings, especially when meeting virtually and utilizing a speaker for calls, background noise may frequently distract the attendees, and sometimes the echo can also affect the performance of audio equipment. This can lead to poor communication and unnecessary misunderstandings, while also causing a great deal of frustration for everyone involved. Using the appropriate acoustic products in your meeting rooms is pertinent, and we are here to help.

How To Reduce Echo in a Meeting Room

Ceiling-hung panels and baffles are an ideal solution for combating echo in conference rooms; couple these with wall panels and you’ve created a space with minimized reverb and improved audio performance, adding a visual appeal to the space while also solving a major problem. The Whisperwave line is a superb choice, with options in baffles, panels and eye-catching curved clouds. Sonex baffles are equally appealing with their round design and variety of color options.

Our selection of products has been created to greatly minimize boardroom echo, enhance the design of the room and decrease unwanted noise. When you are managing a corporate meeting, the panels can prevent sound waves from reverberating and can decrease background noise by more than 90%. Get in touch – we’re happy to assist you in making your selection!

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