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FabTec Wall Panels

FabTec wall panels offer high sound absorption and are made from Class A fire-rated FireFlex melamine foam. This makes them ideal for high-temperature applications, meeting all Class 1 regulations for flame spread, smoke density, and fuel consumption. FireFlex foam is engineered for environments with high temperatures or where sparks and other hot materials are airborne. Heat-resistant to 482°F and able to withstand constant temperatures of up to 320°F, these acoustic wall panels can handle the heat.

FabTec panels are manufactured from lightweight, porous acoustic melamine foam. Internally, melamine consists of low-density, slim, flexible webs in a cellular structure, resulting in a completely open-cell foam. FireFlex foams are also resistant to many chemicals. This sound-absorbing foam continues to boast a high NRC rating and also has impressive durability.



  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Conference Rooms
  • Studios
  • Churches
  • Schools
FabTec FireFlex fabric panels are the ideal acoustic solution for many environments and applications. These panels provide effective sound control similar to fabric panels and other products, just with the added safety of their exceptional fire resistance. With their sleek and sophisticated design, they make for an excellent acoustical solution, even in areas where it is unlikely for a fire to break out.
FabTec FireFlex Fabric Panels