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SONEX Classic Sound-Absorbing Panels

SONEX Classic acoustical foam panels are consciously engineered with the physics of sound in mind. Constructed with an innovative wedge design, SONEX Classic sound panels effectively control and absorb the sound that propagates through the air by trapping and minimizing the sound wave reflectionss that often impede clear communication. Made of premium open-cell, melamine-based foam that delivers top-of-the line acoustical control across all frequencies, especially those between 500 and 1,000 Hz, these foam panels have Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC’s) that reach as high as 0.80.

This scalar representation shows just how much sound is absorbed upon striking the SONEX Classic foam and gives an accurate quantification of how clear your room’s acoustics will be. Available in natural gray, white, and charcoal Colortec finishes and featuring a size of 24” x 48” and 2” thickness, these SONEX Classic wall panels are easily mountable and provide a versatile range of applications. Use these panels in the designs of your music rehearsal rooms, performance spaces, or other rooms employed for critical speech to create an environment that fosters clean sound and unbridled communication.

HPC Colors

Acoustic Performance

SONEX Classic : Sound Absorption (octave frequencies in Hz)
Product Thickness 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
Natural White or Gray
2" 0.05 0.31 0.81
Charcoal Colortec
2" 0.13
1.18 1.18