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UltraQuiet Acoustic Cotton Panels

For high-performance, reverberation-reducing acoustic cotton panels, browse through our selection of UltraQuiet panels. These sound reduction panels absorb reverberation, which is the sound reflected off hard surfaces and diminished over time. This effect is most prominent in environments like gyms, churches, auditoriums, conference rooms and open office layouts, and it can significantly disturb concentration if unattended.

Acoustical cotton panels make use of sound absorbing fabric to inhibit reverberation caused by loud voices, heating/ventilation equipment or office equipment like copy machines and computer fans. UltraQuiet cotton sound panels in particular are cost effective, easy to install and Class A fire rated, making it a safe sound absorbing solution. On top of that, UltraQuiet’s sound absorbing cotton panels are made out of recycled cotton fibers, making these recycled cotton acoustic panels an environmentally friendly option as well!

Choose from 1”, 2” and 4” thick 2’ x 4’ high-density sheets and attractive colors, such as white, black, light gray and marble blue. Do you need help discerning between these different options? Email us at [email protected] with any questions!

What is reverberation?

It is the sound that reflects from hard surfaces and diminishes over time. The time it takes the original level to drop by 60 dB is defined as the reverberation time.

This effect, in a church, auditorium, gymnasium, conference room, telemarketing or open office space disrupts concentration and lowers intelligibility. There may be several contributors to the problem: voices, office equipment, computer fans, heating or ventilation equipment.

Use of acoustic panels enhances the quality of the sound by reducing reflections from hard surfaces.

UltraQuiet Acoustic Cotton Panels offer an affordable, effective, and easy-to-install solution. You may install UltraQuiet Acoustic Cotton Panels on the walls, or cubicle partitions. They are Class A fire-rated, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, safe for you and the environment.

UltraQuiet Acoustic Cotton Panels are made from recycled cotton fibers compressed to form high density 2' x 4' sheets. Available in 1", 2", and 4" thickness in multiple colors.