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Black Vinyl Seam Tape Roll 2" x 108' Black Vinyl Seam Tape Roll 2" x 108'

Black Vinyl Seam Tape is applied over mass loaded vinyl seams to reduce sound leaks between sheets of MLV Barrier products. Aggressive adhesive bonds to vinyl noise barrier products.

Our Price: $9.50
Lead Seam Tape Lead Seam Tape 2" x 54'

Lead Seam Tape is a thin, dense sealant applied on the surface of Barrier MLV to block any sound leaks along the seams of the soundproofing material.

Our Price: $44.00
Mylar Scrim Tape Mylar Scrim Tape, 2" x 125'

Mylar Scrim Tape is designed to seal seams of Barrier Composites with a mylar foil facing.

Our Price: $48.00

Mass Loaded Vinyl Soundproofing Tape

We sell the very best soundproofing tape for eliminating sound leaks between mass loaded vinyl seams. Our mass loaded vinyl tapes are designed to provide an adhesive bond between sheets of mass loaded vinyl for the very best noise reduction possible. Our rolls of MLV seam tape are extremely durable and affordable on any budget. Whether you’re soundproofing a single room or an entire home, office, or studio, we have the best selection of mass loaded vinyl tapes built to withstand years of use without worry.

From our lead seam tape to our Mylar scrim tape, you won’t find a better MLV with foil seam tape anywhere else. Our sound barrier tapes come in large rolls to accommodate large jobs and have a powerful adhesive to ensure a perfect seal. Shop around to find the best mass loaded vinyl tape for your needs now or contact us for expert help finding exactly what you need before you buy.