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Prospec ® Composite Barrier

We are always excited to add new and innovative products for our customers to enjoy. Bringing you the safest, most effective and affordable noise dampening materials has kept SoundAway on the cutting edge, and that dedication has led us to an awesome new product for homes and offices of any size. After doing our homework, we’re happy to introduce a new type of soundproofing material we feel will help you take your sound dampening projects to the next level: The Prospec ® Composite Barrier!

 Prospec Composite Barrier

Prospec sheets are made of a 3-ply material that consists of a mass loaded vinyl barrier surrounded on either side with a willtec fire-resistant melamine foam and another willtec foam decoupler layer designed for the very best in noise dampening for walls, floors, ceilings, and all types of loud heavy machinery. This material installs quickly and easily fits into tight spaces and awkward configurations.

The innovative design makes Prospec barrier a much more versatile material than ever before! While this material can be placed out of site, it can also be hung like a curtain to separate conference rooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums, factory floors, and so much more for a wide range of frequencies. The material is pliable and easy to work with and adheres to surfaces using an optional included adhesive tape on one side or using our acouSTIC foam adhesive

This is a LEED Green Certified material which means that it is designed with sustainability in mind, is safe for the environment, and will not irritate those with allergies or chemical sensitivities. This material will not decompose over time or emit toxic gases in the event it is exposed to flames or high heat. Prospec Composite boasts a Noise Reduction Coefficient of up to 0.85 with a Sound Transmission Class of up to 28.

Prospec Composite is so versatile and easy to use that it manages to be perfect for applications ranging from home and office to commercial and industrial. Combining mass loaded vinyl with willtec acoustical foams with the benefit of decoupling puts Prospec in a class all its own. Buy with the pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy hanging or go with foam adhesive where necessary to create the perfect noise dampening solution in minutes on even the most conservative budget.

How will you use your Prospec Composite Barrier? Share your stories and ideas in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!