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Acoustic Sound Absorbing Baffles

If you need to reduce noise, echoes and reverberation or improve the clarity of speech within a specific location, you may want to look into installing sound absorbing baffles. Whether you're plagued by the noise level in an industrial facility or you’d like to improve the sound quality in a multi-purpose room, the acoustic baffles offered here can do the job and do it well. Whisperwave curved, acoustic foam baffles come in your choice of “waves” measuring 2” x 24” x 48” and “ribbons” measuring 2” x 12” x 48”. These sound baffles are made from durable melamine foam, are highly resistant to flame (Class A Fire Rating), are easy to install and come in either gray or white.

Ambience baffles provide high sound absorption in large venues, and they’re available in fiberglass-cored, poly-wrapped or sailcloth-covered features. Other options include Rondo Baffles and environmentally friendly Cotton Baffles.