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golf course with golf cart

If you are wondering how to reduce noise on a gas golf cart, look no further. At SoundAway, we offer innovative products that can effectively soundproof a golf cart by reducing the transmission of sound waves, reducing reverberations and deflecting engine noise.

How Can I Make My Gas Golf Cart Quieter?

When a gas golf cart accelerates, the engine will generate sound waves, and the motor’s pistons significantly increase the frequency of these sound waves. Installing golf cart sound insulation can effectively increase your comfort level to enjoy the serenity and pleasure on the course.

Our selection of golf cart sound insulation products features foam material, such as PSA foam Mat. This PSA product comes in a sheet and is available in a variety of thickness options. It’s ideally installed on the underside of the seat and surrounding the engine, using materials that are thinner, such as the 1-inch mat or ½-inch mat. Always ensure that sufficient space exists between the components to avoid direct contact with the engine.

Choosing Products That Feature Vinyl
When you are ready to soundproof your golf cart, lightweight barriers that are made of vinyl can be a great addition. While an exhaust system generates sound waves, the vinyl barrier can deflect sound waves, reduce acoustic vibration and improve the experience for the driver and passengers.

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