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When Rondo Sound Baffles Are the Perfect Choice

Rondo Ceiling Baffles Rondo Baffles When space is limited and you need sound-absorbing technology that isn’t visually distracting but has some architectural style, SONEXⓇ Rondo sound baffles are an excellent solution. Available in a variety of colors and configurable vertically or horizontally, Rondo sound baffles are great for large interior areas due to their ability to prevent noise buildup.

SoundAway’s client base regularly utilizes Rondo baffles for spaces such as indoor pools, music rooms, open floor plan offices, reception areas and much more. These baffles are specifically designed to lower reverberation while allowing crisp sound to naturally carry over large spaces as intended. Arrange them vertically from the ceiling of a multipurpose conference room, hand them from light fixtures, or fix them in a unique, artistic pattern to add to the room’s design. They can also be installed horizontally like a string of beads that hug the ceiling, staying out of sight and blending into the room’s architecture.

Rondo sound baffles are made of premium Class 1 fire-rated Willtec melamine foam, which has a low-density, open-cell structure to comply with fire-resistance and heat-shielding standards without adding too much weight to your rafters or ceiling frame. They pass UL 181 Section 11 standards for microbial growth and have a fungal resistance rating of #0 per ASTM G21, which is what makes these baffles an excellent choice for indoor pools or gyms. Each baffle is 6” in diameter by 24” in length and comes with corkscrew hangers for easy installation.

Colorful Rondo Baffles When your space calls for efficient and stylish sound-reduction panels that don’t provide a visual distraction or take up much physical space, consider Rondo sound baffles from We’re happy to answer any questions you may have to help you choose the best baffles for your sound-absorption project!