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PEPP Echo Drop Panels

Porous expanded polypropylene panels, or PEPP for short, are perfect for soundproofing indoor and outdoor areas. Our Echo Drop acoustical panels are made from a dense polypropylene polymer that expands to form small beads packed tightly to dissipate sound. This allows the acoustic panels to reduce reverberation, or bounced sound that has been reflected off hard surfaces such as drywall or concrete. Reducing reverb helps to improve acoustic quality, making it easier to clearly understand sounds such as speech or music and reducing the overall volume within the space.

These moisture-, bacteria-, fungus-, and fire-resistant panels come in a wide range of designs to accommodate any style and are available in white or charcoal for either indoor or outdoor soundproofing. Echo Drop panels make for excellent outdoor soundproofing panels due to their exceptional resistances and durability. Don't let your excessive loud noises cause problems with the neighbors. These panels are a great choice for outdoor stages for musical performances, pools filled with loud children, and even garages or mechanic shops that produce a lot of noise. Whether you need PEPP panels for a small sound studio, conference room, large gymnasium, or even an outdoor firing range, our Echo Drop soundproofing panels are more durable, look better, and last longer.

Buy our Echo Drop soundproofing panels individually or by the case to take advantage of our affordable prices. These panels can be cut to fit virtually any space and are easy to install. Order now to take advantage of our affordable prices and fast shipping on all orders.

Echo Drop Features

  • Class A fire rated
  • Up to 13 STC
  • Up to 0.75 NRC
  • Water resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Indoor or Outdoor (charcoal only) use
  • No fiberglass, non-fibrous
  • Tackable surface

Echo Drop X2010 panels,
shown below, absorb and diffuse sound. One inch deep, one inch wide wells cut on a two inch thick Echo Drop 2' x 4' panel.