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Noise Control for Echo Reduction Privacy & Soundproofing

Music Venues, Bars & Nightclub Acoustic Treatments

At SoundAway, we offer a variety of sound isolation systems to improve the sound within and emanating from nightclubs, bars and a wide variety of venues. It is important to note that each area has specific noise restrictions to adhere to, so it is pertinent that while you consider improving the sound within your establishment, you also consider keeping it in.

Our selection of acoustic panels for bars features high-quality materials such as fiberglass, durable cotton or recycled polyester. These products are utilized for their time-tested ability to consistently deflect sound waves. If your space is a go-to spot for loud music and live bands, acoustic panels are an ideal solution for preventing reverberations for superior sound within. While you are deciding on the best options for soundproofing your venue, don’t overlook items such as door seals to avoid noise seeping into the streets, nearby businesses and homes. Consider also the ceiling and windows. There are a variety of solutions, such as Sound Control Blankets, that not only contain sound but also lower reverberation. Options such as Ambience ceiling tiles and Sound Barrier prevent disruptions to any businesses or homes located above you while products such as baffles or clouds allow for better sound within your nightclub while minimizing reverb.

Contact our soundproofing specialists when you are ready to get started or simply to gather additional information. We are happy to provide additional details to describe the features of each product, the amount of materials needed and prices. We can even calculate the exact number of acoustic products needed for a particular space using our proprietary tool.