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Acoustic Products for the Household

There are many noise problems that can have an impact on comfort in a residential setting. Things such as road noise, musician roommates and noisy neighbors are an everyday occurrence in many lives and can make or break an otherwise relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Investing in high-quality home acoustic treatments can be a game-changer when looking for some peace and quiet.

Residential Soundproofing

Choosing the appropriate residential soundproofing products for your needs requires some consideration and advanced planning. You will want to assess what type of noise is causing a problem and what your expectations are — complete silence or simply sound dampening. Consulting with an expert for guidance can be extremely beneficial in the construction phase; however, soundproofing is often an afterthought that may be a big project or an easy addition depending on what your specific needs are, what level of effort you are willing to put in and what your expectations are as far as aesthetics.

The Simple Fix for Soundproofing Your Home

Solutions such as sound control blankets are often your best bet for a quick fix but can have an industrial look that may not match the look of your home. The simple fix for this is to hang a stylish curtain rod with curtains that match your home.

The Not-So-Simple Solution for Home Soundproofing

A better way to soundproof your home involves three components. Think of the process as a sandwich that consists of mass-loaded vinyl over existing drywall and finished with a new layer of drywall. Alternatively, consider applying Green Glue damping compound to a new layer of drywall to attach over the existing surface.

Residential Acoustics

When your home is full of hard surfaces as many modern homes are, echo is something you can count on. Thankfully, acoustic issues like this can be somewhat tamed by adding fabrics such as rugs and curtains. However, some fabrics seem to magnify the issue or simply not help at all. Maintain a modern look while also allowing home echo reduction with our selection of acoustic panels. Consider the Ambience Panels in a variety of colors and textures.

Home office acoustics can be especially important for ensuring quality audio in video conferences, and noise issues can be easily solved with a variety of Guilford of Maine acoustic fabrics or the addition of Sonex Wall Panels, Sonex Baffles, Whisperwave Clouds, Baffles or Panels.