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IsoTrack Stud Isolators

At SoundAway, our stud isolators are designed to reduce sound transmission between joists, studs, and framing between ceilings, walls, and floors. Our IsoTrack stud isolators reduce structure borne sound transmissions using durable EPDM rubber that's specifically designed to absorb impacts. These rubber stud isolators, also called U-boat pads, are a simple enough for anyone to use and install in seconds. They fit snugly onto any standard 2x4 and can be glued to keep them in place. Whether you're decoupling a new sound studio or building a soundproof room from scratch, these stud and joist isolators are the fastest and easiest way to increase the sound quality of any room.

Our Rubber stud isolators are versatile, affordable, and built to last. Order in cases of 25 or 250 to take advantage of our excellent prices and fast shipping or contact our experts for more information and we’ll help you find everything you need before you buy.

IsoTrack stud and joist isolation pads reduce vibration transmitted through the structure. IsoTrack Isolators are u-shaped and often times referred to as u-boat pads.

  • Floating floors
  • Drums platform, riser
  • Joist isolation