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Hospitality Acoustic Products

Whether you are designing a restaurant, hotel or healthcare facility, creating a comfortable ambiance requires careful consideration in regard to echo reducing and soundproofing. These high-traffic environments require specific strategies to accommodate large groups and lots of movement, and with the abundance of hard surfaces to allow for easy cleaning and the ability to sanitize, noise is able to bounce around the room unless you incorporate a thoughtful strategy to combat it. With this kind of commercial acoustic treatment, it is pertinent to ensure you are utilizing materials that are easy to clean. Thankfully, there are a variety of noise solutions that have been created specifically for use in hotels, restaurants and healthcare facilities for you to consider.

Echo-Reduction for Healthcare Facilities, Restaurants, Hotels & more

The use of fabric-wrapped acoustic panels will do wonders in cutting down the noise in a restaurant or hospital dining room or any waiting room. They can be incorporated as part of any wall or ceiling to absorb noise and dampen sound in a restaurant or high-traffic space. Consider the aesthetic you are looking for and the level of sanitization needed.

SONEX Clean wall panels have been created to serve the acoustic needs of hospitality environments and are an ideal sound-absorbing product for hospitals and healthcare environments as they are Class-A fire rated and washable, as well as available in 17 colors to match your design aesthetic. Ambience wall panels are another great Class-A fire-rated choice and come pre-fabric-wrapped by our team of experts and with hundreds of color options. Pair this option with the bleach-cleanable line of acoustic fabric from Guilford of Maine, and you have a solution that can be tailored to fit just about any space while serving even the most extreme sanitary needs. Great for use in waiting rooms as well as in hotels and restaurants, the Whisperwave product line not only offers echo reduction but does so with a sleek and modern look that will immediately upgrade the look and feel of any space.

Soundproofing for Healthcare Facilities, Restaurants, Hotels & more

Soundproofing between rooms in hospitality environments will help your guests feel a sense of privacy while also preventing them from being disturbed by neighboring guests. Whether you are soundproofing a private room at a healthcare facility, a banquet room at your hotel or a private room at your restaurant for hosting parties, the methods needed for proper soundproofing will be essentially the same. Careful planning while constructing or redesigning the room is ideal, but no matter where you are with your room build, there are always suitable solutions for soundproofing your space. Read more about minimizing noise through walls here, and reach out to us for further assistance in selecting the right products for the job.