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Acoustically Transparent Fabric for Sound Control

The look and feel of acoustical panels can only go so far and, if left alone, can often take away from the room’s overall aesthetic. This is where acoustic fabric comes into play. Acoustically transparent fabric is available in a variety of colors and designs and covers acoustic panels, baffles, ceiling clouds, speakers and more. While it does have sound absorbing capabilities, it still allows enough sound to pass through so the panels can actually do most of the work.


  • Wrap Acoustical panels
  • Wrap Baffles
  • Stretch-fabric track systems
  • Speaker grill cover

Wrap acoustical fabric over sound absorbing materials, such as cotton, fiberglass and polyester, and you can create an attractive space that combines both function and design. At SoundAway, we offer Guilford of Maine’s top quality fabrics in a vast array of styles that can either improve upon or seamlessly blend in with the existing décor. Guilford of Maine creates Class A fire rated acoustic fabric and is easily an industry favorite.

Shop acoustical fabric at SoundAway today, or contact us at for help planning your next big project!

Guilford of Maine Tweed 2737 shown below.