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Automotive Sound-Deadening Materials

Soundproofing your vehicle can be a game-changer when it comes to comfort and is always worthwhile, especially if you spend a lot of time traveling. While most vehicles offer some form of automotive insulation and sound deadening, it often falls short of anyone’s ideal. Using the appropriate sound-deadening material for trucks and recreational vehicles is especially important, as these vehicles are not only used for getting to and from, they are also where you sleep and relax. Our products offer soundproofing for vehicles from semi trucks to everyday vehicles. Whether you’re a mechanical hobbyist or a professional, our products are an ideal choice as they have been selected and included in our lineup because of their effectiveness and superior quality.

Damping Compound

While it may not be the cheapest or most simple option, using car soundproofing spray such as a damping compound can make a substantial difference. Damping compound is applied to the underside of vehicles to reduce road noise and provide thermal insulation. Sprayed directly on the metal frame, the application is typically handled by a professional while your vehicle is on a lift.

Vinyl Barrier (MLV)

A vinyl barrier is often used in vehicles such as sprinter vans, travel vans and courier vans and is ideal for reducing common road noise. The low profile of this material makes it great for use just about anywhere, but it is typically installed within door panels and within the ceilings and floors of vehicles.

Cotton Barrier

Lightweight and effective, cotton panels are used within the door panels for reducing exterior noise. With options from low-profile 1-inch thickness to higher-profile 4-inch thickness, there are options suitable for a variety of needs without adding much weight.

Foam Barrier

Offering superior acoustical absorbency properties, a lightweight foam barrier is used within door panels of cars and trucks, in gas-powered golf carts and under car hoods to absorb sound. This option has a higher profile than cotton panels and is used where space isn’t a problem.

Adding soundproof insulation material to cars, trucks and RVs should always be handled by a professional or with expert hands-on guidance. Contact our team if you need any assistance in selecting the right products for your project.