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WhisperMat-HW is a peel-and-stick, moisture, vapor and impact reducing wood floor underlayment. Designed for use with engineered wood plank, wood parquet and laminate floors. Typically installed where sound control is required, specified, or desired.

Whispermat-HW combines sound absorption properties with moisture resistance to enhance hardwood flooring installations. It may be applied directly on the following clean surfaces:
  • concrete
  • plywood
  • precast floor panels
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
  • terrazzo
  • cement backer board
  • and fully adhered vinyl floors

  • Condominiums
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Single Family Homes
  • Schools
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Protecto Wrap AFM 6000 Primer Concentrate | 1 Gallon AFM 6000 Primer Gallon

AFM 6000 Primer is sold as a concentrate. It is either mixed at the jobsite with clean water or used in its full concentrate form, depending on the condition and porosity of the substrate. It is used in its full concentrate form when used in vertical applications.

Our Price: $54.00
WhisperMat Underlayment: Soundproofing for Hardwood Floors WhisperMat-HW Hardwood Underlay 3' x 50' roll

WhisperMat-HW is a hardwood floor underlay designed to greatly reduce impact noise.

Our Price: $176.00

Hardwood Floor Underlayment

If you’ve ever lived in a condominium or apartment complex and experienced a lot of frustration with your upstairs neighbor’s loud footsteps, the building probably wasn’t equipped with quality underlayment. Hardwood floor underlayment is crucial to reduce harsh impact noise in close living quarters, such as hotels, apartments and condominiums, and other environments with a lot of foot traffic, like schools and office buildings.

At SoundAway, we offer WhisperMat-HW acoustic underlay for wooden floors at affordable prices. The WhisperMat-HW is normally designed for use with engineered wood plank, wood parquet and laminate floors.

Minimize distracting impact noise, otherwise known as “neighbor noise,” with solid wood flooring underlays from SoundAway today! If you need some more information regarding our product selection, email us at with your questions!