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Piano NeoCup Mount isolator

Neoprene Piano Mount Isolators

Piano NeoCup Mount isolators reduce vibration transmitted through the structure. The Piano NeoCup mounts consist of heavy-duty neoprene with an embedded steel plate designed to lower vibration transmitted through the floor. The steel cup is covered with neoprene to protect it from corrosion. There are three distinct types of Piano NeoCup Mounts: D40, D50, and D60.

The load capacity for each of the Piano NeoCup Mounts is summarized as follows:
  • D40 up to 225 pounds, marked with Green band
  • D50 170-400 pounds, marked with Red band
  • D60 300-625 pounds, marked with White band

Piano weights vary significantly based on manufacturer. Check your piano manufacturer's specification to confirm the weight then divide it by 3 for grand pianos or 4 for uprights. Select the NeoCup Mount based on the result. Here are some examples:

  • Yamaha C*X series, up to 7' in length, 638 pounds (638/3 = 212.7, select D40 or D50)
  • Yamaha C3 studio, 6'-1", 705 pounds (705/3 = 235, select D50)
  • Steinway & Sons Model S, 5'-1" in length, 540 pounds (540/3 = 180, select D40 or D50)
  • Steinway & Sons Model D, 8'-11", 990 pounds (990/3 = 330, select D60)

  • Upright pianos
  • Baby grand pianos
  • Living room grand pianos
  • Medium grand pianos
  • Petite baby grand pianos