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TriCore Acoustic Foam Rubber Pads

TriCore rubber foam pads are the first noise-reduction pads to utilize an all-rubber foam design with alternating density layers, an approach that yields excellent sound attenuation and vibration reduction. Operating at their best between 15 - 60 psi, TriCore anti-vibration rubber foam pads are constructed from chemically cross-linked, micro-cellular rubber foam, which gives them better deflection than conventional rubber-based pads. This intricate design makes TriCore acoustic foam rubber pads the perfect choice for a variety of noise-reduction applications:

  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Pool pumps
  • Air-conditioning units

Installation of these vibration insulation rubber foam pads requires no bolting, and every pad is free of halogens, formaldehydes, CFCs, HCFCs and sulfurs. The pads are fully recyclable and will not emit harmful toxins if burned. Choose from 4” x 4” or 18” x 18” pads, each with 1” thickness and sold in varying sets.

For safe, effective noise and vibration reduction with a cutting-edge product, TriCore is reliable and quality-made. Shop today or contact us with questions!