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Commercial Kitchen Soundproofing & Acoustics

Commercial kitchens create a lot of noise, from the staff communication to the searing of an entree on the burner and pots and pans clanking. Many restaurant owners look into how to reduce noise in a restaurant. Fire-resistant acoustic panels for restaurants tend to be the ideal solution.

These fire-retardant acoustic products come in a variety of options. Depending on the position of your commercial kitchen in regard to your dining area, you may opt for commercial kitchen ceiling tiles , class-a fire-rated and easy-to-clean. These provide a great sound barrier between the kitchen and upstairs dining rooms while reducing reverberations. When shopping around, it's important to opt for easy-to-clean acoustic solutions. Consider the Ambience Wall Panels , created with Guilford of Maine easy-clean fabrics for the kitchen. These fabrics provide for bleachable cleaning, which means a safer environment for food preparation.

Our team of experts is here to help you find the right products to suit your needs by providing a complimentary acoustic assessment to help you get started.

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SONEX 2" x 2' x 4' Clean Panels | Acoustic Noise Reduction SONEX Clean Wall Panels, 2" x 2' x 4', 6 per box

SONEX Clean Panels are designed for environments that require noise control with durable, washable, and cleanable materials. SONEX Clean panels feature Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) of 0.80.

Our Price: $399.00