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Prospec Composite Barrier

At SoundAway, Prospec Composite Barrier sheets are perfect for soundproofing enclosures of all sizes. An MLV 1# barrier is embedded between layers of fire resistant, melamine acoustic foam to lower sound transmission and reverberation across a wide range of frequencies. Prospec Composite Barrier decouples the MLV from the surface for optimal noise abatement.

Prospec Composite barrier soundproofing is versatile enough to fit into any tight space, installs in minutes, and it is available with or without adhesive on one side. Shop our selection of Prospec sound barriers now to find the right solution for your home or office and enjoy our affordable prices with fast shipping on all orders.

  • Equipment enclosures: machinery, air compressors, generators, motors or similar sources
  • Soundproofing walls between manufacturing plant and offices
  • Engine compartments
  • Machinery hoods