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Black Acoustic Boards for Noise Reduction

Here at SoundAway, we’re always looking for efficient and affordable ways to help our customers with their soundproofing and acoustical needs. The benefits of reducing sound reverberations in the home and workplace are vast and well documented (just read our previous posts!). These reverberations can be extremely irritating and a major distraction. Whether you notice it or not, these noises interrupt your concentration, disrupting productivity, as well as sleep cycles. This causes a greatly reduced level of productivity and creativity that can cost you time, money, and even your health. Fortunately, we have another affordable solution for reducing noise and reverberations in in your home or office.

Black Acoustic Boards for Noise Reduction

Our blackacoustic boards are designed to absorb and trap noise for a wide range of frequencies. These boards will help reduce light reflections, as well, while providing unparalleled noise reduction. These fiberglass boards can be cut to fit any space including tight corners and around fixtures or installed untrimmed for covering any size wall, ceiling or floor space. These boards can be fixed to studs and joists or placed below floor and above ceiling panels to provide a barrier between floors. Whether you’re building a studio or home theater, these black acoustic boards make reducing noise reverberations fast, easy, and affordable. These are large acoustic boards that come untrimmed and ready for installation.

While these black acoustic boards are easy to use and look great, we have plenty of beautiful and stylish acoustic panel covers including our extensive selection of Guilfordof Maine fabrics. These textured fabrics are made from recycled polyester and come in a range of beautiful colors and styles. Guilford of Maine acoustic fabrics are engineered to allow soundwaves to pass through the fabric so the acoustic panels can capture and absorb it. Wrapping panels with fabrics not designed for this purpose will diminish or negate the acoustic properties of the panels, rendering them useless. With Guilford of Maine acoustic fabrics, your panels will look great while working exactly as intended.

With our black acoustic boards and Guilford of Maine fabrics, any space can be transformed into a quiet and visually pleasing place to enjoy work, movies, or a better night’s sleep. Consider these affordable options for your home or office’s acoustical needs and your next DIY home project.

What are your best soundproofing and noise reduction tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!