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Clubhouse & Banquet Room Acoustic Design

If you find yourself wondering how to improve acoustics in a large banquet room, look no further. Anyone who has attended a banquet knows that it is common for attendees to enjoy music, long conversations, dancing and delicious food. Oftentimes, the sounds may reverberate in nearby rooms, which can lead to an abundance of surrounding unhappy guests. Soundaway has solutions.

Consider our selection of decorative acoustic ceiling tiles that also absorb sound waves for an eye-catching look that improves the experience of your guests and those in surrounding rooms. Products such as the Ambience ceiling tiles can prevent echo and reverberations while also minimizing the amount of sound seeping from the room. Choose sound-absorbing panels that work well wall-hung or ceiling-hung, or consider using under-table acoustic solutions. These products are functional while also accentuating the look and feel of a large clubhouse for a warm and inviting space.

Our team of experts is happy to help guide you through clubhouse acoustic design. Contact us for a custom calculation using our proprietary tool to assess that number of acoustic panels needed to fully optimize the sound in your space. We provide helpful instructions and answer your questions.