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  • How to Install Whisperwave Clouds & Baffles

    The Whisperwave line includes some of the best sound absorbing hanging baffles and clouds on the market. Featuring an s-shaped design that is visually appealing and with options available in colors from earth-toned to bright and vibrant, these products are an obvious choice. Install in industrial facilities, auditoriums, high-ceiling office, classrooms, or any space that is in need of noise control. For those in need of a bit of guidance, we have outlined a step-by-step guide to walk you through it

  • Kinetics IsoMax Clips Installation Guide

    Installing the Kinetics IsoMax Sound Isolation Clips and Hat Channel is a simple process, but we all know that instructions can often be a bit tricky to make sense of. Below, we have broken this process down into simple steps for an easy-to-follow guide.