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Soundproof Studio Windows

Soundproofing & Acoustic Control for Windows

Acoustic control and soundproofing are so much more than just wall panels and flooring underlayment. Noise-canceling window treatments provide much-needed acoustical relief from outdoor noise such as traffic, barking dogs, and other sounds. While window quality can be a major factor in noise reduction, sound-deadening inserts such as window plugs can also help reduce noise without a major overhaul or window replacement. We provide a selection of superior options for soundproofing existing windows, including window inserts to quickly install along the edges of your windows.

In addition to a wide variety of inexpensive and effective acoustical control solutions, we also offer soundproof windows for both the home and the office. Our studio windows boast a high sound transmission class rating of 45 to 56 STC. That means very little noise penetration, so you get nearly the same sound reduction as a professional recording studio. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, we have soundproofing window treatments to help!

Shop our selection of acoustical products and contact our team of experts if you are in need of assistance. We are happy to walk you through every step.