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Making Acoustic Control Stylish Again

While acoustic panels and components can add funky and fun textures to rooms, they are not always ideal for enhancing the overall aesthetic that you imagine for that specific space. Acoustical panels and baffles are often bulky and monochromatic, which can suck the life out of a space designed for productive creativity. At SoundAway, we aim to help you improve the acoustics of your most important spaces without limiting your design options or color choices. With our selection of Guilford of Maine Anchorage acoustic fabrics we can help you dress up all of your acoustical gear.

Anchorage acoustic fabrics can be draped or fitted to cover your noise dampening equipment without taking away your panels’ ability to absorb sound efficiently. Anchorage Series 2335 is made of 100 percent recycled polyester and will not reflect sound waves the way that regular fabrics do, which can hinder your panels’ ability to absorb sound and reduce noise. Acoustic fabrics allow sound to pass through them so that the panels, baffles or clouds can properly do their job. Currently, the series has 38 color options and the fabrics can easily be cut to perfectly fit any shape or size! Anchorage Series 2335 easily adheres to acoustic paneling with an easy to use spray adhesive.

Acoustic fabrics can be paired with all shapes and sizes. Whether you have acoustic panels, baffles, ceiling cloud, or speakers, you can use our acoustic fabrics to improve the look and feel in minutes and without breaking the bank. For other sound control options, such as Ultra Quiet Cotton Panels, you can use our acoustic fabrics to dress them up, as well. Ultra Quiet panels are made from compressed cotton fibers that absorb sound from a wide range of frequencies by reducing the sound waves reflecting from hard surfaces within a space to better manage sound control. Anchorage Acoustic fibers can easily be attached to the surface of cotton panels while allowing the panels to successfully absorb reverberations caused by loud voices, heating or ventilation, and office equipment. Our wide selection of acoustic fabrics are Class A fire rated and a safe option for decorating panels at work or at home.

Dressing up your space is easy with Anchorage acoustic fabrics. Acoustic panels come in all shapes and forms, liked curved accent shapes that can easily be dressed up with fun colored fabrics to breathe new life into your rooms! Imagine, you’ve got your home theater and recording studio fully equipped with the proper acoustical panels and elements, but the monochromatic color scheme takes away from the ambience of the space. With anchorage fabrics you can maneuver and shape them to add a fun and unique color scheme composed of graphite, red delicious or smooth midnight black. These three colors together will give your at home theater and recording studio the perfect ambiance and with your own personalized touches and pops of color. A space that feels good and is aesthetically appealing can improve productivity and overall morale while you work or relax. So, what are you waiting for? Shop SoundAway’s selection of acoustic fabrics and make your space feel good and look good, too. Turn your space from drab to fab today!

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