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SONEX Panels

Top to bottom: SONEX Classic Charcoal Colortec and Natural Gray, SONEX Pyramids in Natural White

SONEX Soundproof Foam Panels

We carry SONEX products, including several types of its sound-absorbing Willtec foam panels. The benefits of SONEX acoustical foam panels extend beyond their sound-cancelling abilities. SONEX Willtec foam is rated Class-1 for its flame-resistant properties and meets the corner burn test UL1715. SONEX sound-absorbing foam is perfect for studios, office buildings or homes and can be cut and molded into any shape. All of our acoustical foam panels from SONEX are easy to install, look great anywhere and deliver the sound-cancelling properties you need for crisp, clear audio recording, movie watching or holding important board meetings.

Whether you are looking for SONEX Classic, One, Pyramid or Valueline sound-absorbing foam panels, we have the quality you’re looking for at the prices you need to stay on budget. Order now to take advantage of our affordable prices, or contact us for more information and our experts will help you find exactly what you need before you buy.

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