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Soundproofing & Acoustic Underlays

Soundproofing flooring is as important as soundproofing your walls, ceiling and doors. If your studio or office is on a second floor or higher, the noise transmission can be a real problem for everyone involved. We carry a wide selection of acoustic underlays able to reduce noise associated with walking or other impacts on carpet, tile, stone and all types of finished hardwood floors. We carry all acoustic underlay mats, primer and accessories necessary to install a soundproof floor system easily, quickly and affordably.

Our floor underlayments are perfect for studios and conference rooms of any size as well as home theaters or offices. These underlays remain secure and out of sight while providing the best noise reduction available. Check out our selection of mass-loaded vinyl and closed-cell foam sound barriers for floors, or contact us to receive a quote or additional information about our soundproof underlays today.

Acoustic underlay products reduce noise associated with walking or other impact on a finished hardwood, tile, stone, or carpeted floor.

Carpet Underlay

  • Premium Carpet Underlay
  • NoiseGuard Underlay, recycled rubber

Tile or Stone Underlay

  • WhisperMat-CS
  • NoiseGuard Underlay, recycled rubber

Wood Underlay

  • WhisperMat-HW
  • NoiseGuard Underlay, recycled rubber