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Whisperwave Your Project From Top to Bottom

When it comes to controlling the acoustics in a common workspace, it's important to consider style as much as function. A standard rectangular acoustical panel might not fit with a modern office space design, and sizing options could be limited. Or maybe the space in question is a modern music venue. These spaces want to be as comfortably stylish as they are functional. In either of these instances, Whisperwave™ panels are a fantastic option.

Whisperwave sound dampening panels Whisperwave sound dampening panels Imagine you manage facilities at a hip, modern office with exposed rafters and you have large, open meeting spaces where sound can carry. Putting up walls can ruin the office atmosphere your company wants to create, but you have to do something to reduce noise while keeping the aesthetics of your space. Ceiling clouds are a perfect solution! Hung parallel to the floor or ceiling, these curved acoustical panels are made from Class A fire-rated melamine foam and are incredibly lightweight. Their curved style gives them a modern look, and they can be mounted at various heights for an asymmetric vibe or incorporated into an existing design. If you have limited ceiling space to work with but need more noise and reverberation reduction, ceiling baffles are ideal. Hung perpendicular to the floor, these baffles can be staggered at various heights to create a layered wall of soundproofing between spaces with 12” ribbon baffles and 24” standard baffles available. Baffles are ideal for high ceilings or spaces where one needs to limit blocking of light or fire sprinklers.

After you’ve tackled sound carrying up toward the ceiling, it’s important to address your space’s walls. Whisperwave™ offers a line of ribbon-styled wall panels that can be mounted directly to the wall for a stylish and practical way to address noise. Use them in recording studios or create a feature wall out of the panels for a unique design aesthetic. They are lightweight, easy to install and look great in a modern setting.

Whisperwave sound dampening wall panels

We offer this fantastic line in natural white, natural gray and standard or premium HPC colors, and we’re excited to discuss how these great products can be incorporated into your reverb reduction project. Contact us with questions or concerns, or get a quick quote so you can upgrade your room’s design and cut down on noise at the same time. We think you’ll love the modern look, easy maintenance and practicality that Whisperwave™ can offer!