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Echo-Reduction & Noise Control Privacy & Soundproofing

Call Center Acoustic & Soundproofing Solutions

While many companies have examined call center cubicle soundproofing solutions, most businesses have fallen short when it comes to leveraging effective options. Our company offers an assortment of durable products that can greatly improve phone conversations by reducing ambient noise. Once you’ve established that you need call center sound enhancement solutions, our team is here to help guide your purchase and determine the quantity of acoustic panels needed.

How To Reduce Background Noise in Call Centers

You can choose to purchase pre-wrapped panels or create your own with our selection of durable acoustically transparent fabrics combined with UltraQuiet Cotton or RePoCore panels. These fabrics are available in bleachable, easy-to-clean options and are great for preventing scratches and extending the life of your panels. They also allow you to customize the colors to match your space, while enhancing the effectiveness of the panels. Separating your cubicles with the appropriate acoustic panels is key; couple that with the use of ceiling-hung Sonex Baffles, Whisperwave Baffles or Whisperwave Clouds to optimize the sound in your call center for improved productivity.

Our company provides high-quality acoustic products that can effectively deflect sound waves. Get in touch with our team for assistance in selecting the right products to reduce vibrations and decrease background noise in your space.

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