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MLV Barrier Products Sound Control Blankets

Soundproofing Products for Elevators & Equipment Rooms

Larger buildings tend to face the challenge of having to deal with mechanical noises from components like elevators and equipment rooms. The elevator shaft houses a series of motors and cables that make a great deal of sound when moving. Equipment rooms house various types of technologies like telecommunications systems that can put out a lot of consistent lower-decibel noise. Soundproofing this type of machinery can be done with a variety of strategic solutions, such as the use of fire-retardant acoustic panels and mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) .

When considering how to block noise from an elevator or how to soundproof an HVAC closet, consider sound control blankets - a versatile product that will allow you to soundproof industrial machines and other mechanical workings throughout your building. Managing reverberations from these machines is advisable as the reverberations caused by these machines can often be heard and felt throughout the structure if proper care isn't taken to prevent them, acoustic panels are always a viable solution.

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