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  • Isolation Clips for Soundproofing

    Isolation clips work by decoupling — or separating — two surfaces from each other to reduce the impact noise that vibrates the structure. These clips can be used to decouple walls and ceilings from the underlying framing studs and joists, preventing direct contact between these different parts.
  • What Is Acoustic Underlayment?

    Floor underlayments are an additional layer placed between the subfloor and the floor itself. They help to soften the impact of footsteps and reduce noise transferred to the level below.
  • Sound Insulation To Reduce Noise in Gas Golf Carts

    If you are wondering how to reduce noise on a gas golf cart, look no further. At SoundAway, we offer innovative products that can effectively soundproof a golf cart by reducing the transmission of sound waves, reducing reverberations and deflecting engine noise.

  • Soundproofing Your Studio Doors & Windows

    Whether it’s a recording studio that needs complete soundproofing or a home theater or study where ideal acoustics are preferred, controlling the noise coming into a room is as important as controlling the noise you produce. Plenty of attention is given to a studio’s walls, but it’s also important to pay attention to windows and doors. Why place so much emphasis on a studio’s doors and windows?

  • The Beauty of Baffles for Sound Reduction

    There are plenty of ways to reduce noise and echoes from reverberating around your large rooms, banquet halls, and industrial spaces. But, why not spice things up with stylish acoustic baffles? Baffles come in a wide range of shapes & sizes transforming your large rooms into awesome looking spaces with incredible acoustic control. So, here are a few of our favorite baffles for giving your rooms the fresh new look you don’t see every day!

  • Why you should Soundproof your Workspace

    Noise in the workplace can be extremely disruptive and many of us don’t ever realize just how it affects our productivity and morale. Of course, we are not including workplace noise that is so loud that it causes hearing damage, but the ambient noise that create those slight distractions that pull your attention away from your work. This inevitably causes workplace problems that can cost you and/or your company time and money. So, we’ve put together some of the more compelling reasons to soundproof your workspace or office!