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Commercial Acoustic Treatments

Strategies to reduce noise in the workplace are many, and choosing the appropriate solutions can make or break the comfort of your team. Our selection of noise-reducing office products can essentially be broken down into two categories: soundproofing products and acoustic products. We’ll get into the details of each of these options.

Commercial Soundproofing Products

The construction phase is the best time to incorporate soundproofing, and planning ahead can make a world of difference. This isn’t an option for everyone, and soundproofing can often be an afterthought. Thankfully, there are solutions. Consider the aesthetic you are looking for – many of the easiest options for soundproofing provide an industrial look that may not match your space, such as sound control blankets, which are simple to install.

For the best soundproofing, you need to combine sound absorption, mass, damping, and isolation. These material properties, tailored to suit the application, offer superior soundproofing. There are options such as the Ambiance Ceiling Tiles that have been expertly created to incorporate all of these components for a simple solution.

Commercial Acoustic Products

The best noise solutions for office buildings go beyond simply soundproofing; they also include acoustics and echo reduction. Whisperwave Acoustic Panels or Ambience Panels are an ideal solution in noise-reduction office products when the culprit is echo. Increase productivity, focus, and add to the decor by hanging these clouds, baffles or panels from the ceiling or walls to reduce reverberations and allow for superior sound, even in busy rooms.