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Acoustical Sound Sealants & Damping Compounds

We carry a great selection of noiseproofing sealants for your soundproofing project, including acoustical caulk sealant, putty pads, glues and more. Acoustical sound sealants such as Green Glue are essential for reaching areas that panels and fabrics can’t, such as small cracks or spacing around windows and doors. These noiseproofing sealants work by reducing resonant frequency of surfaces, which makes them a great choice for recording studios or home theaters. For heavy machinery or other areas where loud noise is frequent, sound-damping compounds such as Noxudol are ideal. They help reduce noise and vibration around heavy machinery by converting the sound energy into very small amounts of heat and can be applied over large surface areas.

We only carry the very best acoustic sound sealants at SoundAway. All of our sealants for sale are nontoxic, environmentally friendly, easy to apply and proven to perform. Shop today and contact us if you have any questions!