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Echo-Reduction & Noise Control Private Room Soundproofing

Managing Noise in Restaurant Dining Rooms

Part of any good dining experience is enjoying a pleasant conversation with family, friends, or date. Being able to communicate clearly with the staff is equally important. One of the best solutions for noisy restaurant is creating easy-to-clean sound-absorbing panels by utilizing a combination of Bleachable acoustic fabrics and acoustic panels . This custom solution is ideal for restaurants and spaces where cleanliness is top priority. These fire-retardant acoustic panels will greatly reduce the echo and sound reverberation that can obstruct normal speech clarity.

Under-Table Echo Reduction

Acoustic panels are an ideal solution for noise abatement in restaurants and can be used in a variety of ways. When dealing with echo, which is often a problem in spaces like restaurant dining rooms with their abundance of hard surfaces, consider 1-1/2 inch SONEX Panels for reducing under-table echo. The concept behind this under-table sound-absorption system is that the panel is made of a low-profile, lightweight material that is designed to prevent soundwaves from reflecting on hard surfaces.

Our team of experts is here to help you find the right products to suit your needs by providing a complimentary acoustic assessment to help you get started. Read more on Acoustic Paneling Options for Restaurants on our blog .