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Anechoic Acoustic Test Chamber

Natural Gray

Natural White

HPC-coated Standard, Premium, and Custom colors available. Custom HPC color on SONEX Pyramids shown below


SONEX Super Wedges (Coefficients per ASTM C423-90a)
Finish Thickness
125 250
All Colors
6" 0.18 0.86 1.22 1.24 1.14 1.20 1.10

Frequencies along top row are specified in Herz (Hz). Sound absorption coefficients directly below each column represent the sound absorption at each frequency. The NRC value represents the average of the coefficients between 250 and 2,000 Hz. Results based on mounting Type B - material mounted to plasterboard.

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acouSTIC Adhesive acouSTIC Adhesive, 10.5 oz

acouSTIC Foam Adhesive, 10.5 oz tube on your SONEX panels, Prospec foam barrier or other foam products to install on all types of interior room surfaces. acouSTIC Foam Adhesive is non-flammable, water-resistant, odorless, and safe for the environment. Approximate yield 32 SF per tube.

Our Price: $11.50

SONEX Wedge Foam Acoustic Panels

SONEX super wedges effortlessly combine seamless installation with premium-grade sound absorption, making some of the most valuable products in the entire soundproofing industry. Our acoustic foam wedge tiles easily blend into each other while the dramatic wedge shape greatly increases the surface area for exceptional acoustic performance.

These sound absorbing wedges are also available in a wide variety of colors. Choose from different standard colors of whites, greys and blacks or browse our selection of premium eye-catching colors, like mustard yellow, olive green, orange red, eggplant and many more! With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect piece of acoustic wedge studio foam has never been easier! All of our wedges are 6” thick and offer unparalleled acoustic performance to fit a wide variety of applications.

Shop our extensive inventory of anechoic chamber acoustic foam now and save big on the industry’s most popular soundproofing products today!